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I love music and art.
Requiem for a Dream is my favourite movie. Check out my drawings :)



So I’ve just stumbled across a new nerimon video - thought the Tumblr community would be interested to know given recent events. It is a private listing in the ‘Best of Nerimon’ playlist and is called ‘Turning 25’. Would have hoped there would have been a reference or apology to the abuse he…

So happy to see him again <3 but don’t realy get why people that hate him would look for his video’s and watch his playlists..


Why aren’t more people talking about the likes of Alex Day showing their faces in the YT community again? Like seriously how can he have that little respect for the people he hurt and abused jfc

Why would those people visit his youtube channel? It’s not that hard to never see Alex Day if you don’t want to

Road Trippy.
hello tumblr 

Work in progress, inspired by Sasha Grey (shot by Terry Richardson), I don’t like that other girl, oh well.. :/ (btw my deviantart is nilladream)